Don Nelson

Don Nelson Staffing (DN Staffing as an affiliated brand of Don Nelson, we are a recruiting team with rich experience, providing different support and follow-up for high-volume talent recruitment, activities, outsourcing and temporary employees in various industries. We have an extremely strong candidate pool for events, exhibitions, promoter and temporary job delivery. Instead of just sitting in the office, we will be on site and manage the event to ensure it runs smoothly.

Our Areas of Expertise:

Mass Recruitment
We provide large-scale recruitment support for various industries, ensuring you have access to the best talent pool. Our recruitment experts have deep industry knowledge to assist you in meeting your talent needs.
  • Large-scale recruitment
  • Candidate screening and assessment
  • Customized recruitment strategies
Event & Exhibition Management
We have a strong candidate pool and expertise in events, exhibitions, and promotions. We don't just work from the office; we go on-site to guide and manage events to ensure everything runs smoothly.
  • Event planning and execution
  • Professional event management teams
  • On-site support and guidance
Blue-Collar (Logistics) Recruitment
We are a leading provider of blue-collar recruitment services. Whether you need skilled technicians, manufacturing workers, or frontline staff, our blue-collar team can meet your requirements.
  • Skill matching to ensure you get the right workers
  • Emphasis on safety and compliance
  • Enhancing work efficiency and quality to meet your production needs
Outsourcing Services
We offer diversified outsourcing services to help you streamline business processes, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency. Our outsourcing experts provide personalized solutions.
Why Choose Us
Don Nelson Staffing is dedicated to the success of our clients. With rich experience and outstanding expertise, we offer customized recruitment, event management, blue-collar recruitment, and outsourcing services. Why choose us:
  • Experienced professional teams
  • Large candidates pool
  • On-site support and guidance
  • Client success is our mission
Contact us to learn how Don Nelson Staffing can assist you in finding the best talent, managing events, providing blue-collar recruitment, and offering outsourcing solutions to meet your needs.
  • Don Nelson+8523990 1616
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  • 17/F, Chao’s Building,
    143 – 145 Bonham Strand
    Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
  • info@donnelsongp.com
Recruitment License No:
  • Don Nelson: 67876
  • Don Nelson Staffing: 67940
  • 413G, 4/F, Building 11A,
    Shenzhen Bay Science and Technology Ecological Park,
    Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China
  • shenzhen@donnelsongp.com
  • +8862 7733 7086
  • Unit 3, 5/F, 128 Min Sheng East Road,
    Section 3, Songshan District,
    Taipei City 105602, Taiwan
  • taiwan@donnelsongp.com
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